<em>The Swing</em>

Claudia Hart
The Swing, 2006
HD quicktime video (color, sound), computer, 3 screens, custom powder-coated steel frame, aluminum
Music by Kurt Hentschlaeger
26 in / 66 cm, each
10 min, loop
720 px x 1280 px, each
Edition of 6

The Swing features a plump nude avatar, named Machina, whose appearance is loosely based on Baroque painter Peter Paul Reuben’s portraits of his wife, and personifies Rococo fleshy decadence. In this multi-channel animated installation, the character swings on a seat suspended from the sky, set inside super Mannerist slow time. Her wooded surroundings ebb and flow at another rate, imitating stop-motion, as years pass in a matter of moments. The driver of all of these cycles, but a driver scarcely in control, this female figure is a Mother Nature heading straight for what she suspects might be Oblivion.

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