Claudia Hart
Noh-timegarden, 2008
Dual channel HD quicktime video (color, sound),
Custom wood box, shelf, computer, speakers, diptych
7 min 30 sec, loop
Edition of 6

Noh-timeGarden is the third in a series of installations, in which two screens, side by side show an animated garden from the point of view of two opposing cameras that move towards one another. In this series, the natural world is portrayed as metamorphasizing into a technological hybrid.

Timegardens are contemplative artworks in the tradition of ‘sublime’ landscape gardens first designed in the 18th-century, meant to be the subject of meditation on the transitory nature of human life as compared to slower natural cycles. Noh-timeGarden was inspired by Japanese landscape painting, employing the vertical format of a scroll. A virtual camera pulses in and out, moving along a circuitous path through an abstract, contemporary architecture designed by the Hart, but inspired by Contemporary Asian architecture: Hayao Miyazaki’s subject in his 2003 film Howl’s Moving Castle meets Zaha Hadid’s project for a Chinese opera house. One passes through it, then up a wooded hill to a Japanese temple, and back again.


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