<em>Nayland Split Squares</em>

Claudia Hart
Nayland Split Squares, 2014
Handsewn polyester print and cotton fabric, tablet reader with custom case
58 x 58 x .25 in / 147.3 x 147.3 x .6 cm, quilt
8 x 4.75 x .5 in / 20.3 x 12.1 x 1.3 cm, tablet

Hart’s series of decorative multimedia quilts similarly subvert the classic stereotype of so-called “domestic handicraft”. Also a play on the homespun narrative, the quilts deliver stories that are read with embedded pattern tags, which are programmed to be viewable with a custom tablet reader. Excerpts of Carroll’s text flash on-screen, and augment the geometric abstraction presented in a fabric picture plane. This is a system vulnerable to glitches and decay, as Carroll’s original narrative is degenerated into graphics that evoke pop-up banner ads, spam and trashy web design. Strobing concrete poetry emerges, a result of haptic communication between the human and the machine.

The quilts are collages of polyester print remnants from Hart’s “website dresses”, which appear in a music video by Artur Ratton that captures Hart’s collaborative performance “The Alices (Walking)”.



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