<em>A Child’s Machiavelli</em>

Claudia Hart
A Child’s Machiavelli, 1996
Set of 31 paintings
Oil on linen
12 x 18 in / 30.5 x 45.7 cm, each

Detail: Make sure you only let people see you doing stuff when you come off really good.

The Machiavelli series was initiated by an off-handed remark. The young and burgeoning post-Wall Berlin art world where Hart lived in the nineties was immensely competitive. Hart’s ironic observation to a friend was that what was required was Machiavelli, but in that context, a special Machiavelli “for kids.” Hart then produced the text and the 31 small oil paintings that visualized it in a matter of weeks. The project seemed to expand of its own accord, and A Child’s Machiavelli was eventually published in 3 languages and several editions.
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