A collaborative duo based in Maribor, Slovenia, son:DA is a creative alliance of Metka Golec and Miha Horvat. son:DA uses modern technology both as a theme and a mode of creative production. Their anxious heavy contour lines and deliberately simple flat forms depict the symptoms of an absurdly overwhelmed society struggling with alienation. Recently exploring the fields of installation, computer drawing and audiovisual performance, son:DA’s work is permeated by a sense of raw underground culture.

Staging several interdisciplinary events between 1999-2001, mostly in the Mediterranean areas of Europe, son:DA first emerged as part of the Klon.Art.Resistance collective. Since then they have organized exhibitions and dialogues in alternative venues including a former Yugoslavian military bakery, now known as the Garage for Art Photography (gUF) in Pekarna. Curatorial projects since 2004 have also included “DI_alog”, UGM, Maribor for International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor; “ulica-2012”, ToX-edition, Kibla; and “EX-garage”, Gregorciceva 56, Maribor. In 2008 they created a foundation, also called son:DA, to support new structures of funding contemporary art practice and research in Eastern Europe.

Work by son:DA has been part of numerous exhibitions and festivals throughout Europe. Past solo exhibitions have included Galerija SKUC, Ljubljana; Mala-Galerija, MoMA, Ljubljana; C/O Careof, Milano; ARCO-06, Madrid; Turner Contemporary, Margate; KIBLA.Kibela, Maribor; Porschehof & Kunstverein, Salzburg; Galerija Kapelica, Ljubljana; and Razstavni Salon Rotovz, UGM, Maribor. son:DA’s work has also been part of group exhibitions at Kunstraum Bethanien, Berlin; Kunstlerhaus, Vienna; 27th Biennale of Graphic Arts, MGLC, Ljubljana; Kuntslerhaus, Graz; Sonambiente, Berlin; Institute for Contemporary Art, Sofia; 6th Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art, Szczecin; Moderna Galerija, Ljubljana; State Museum of Contemporary Art, Solun; Musikprotokoll am Steirische Herbst, Graz; MACRO al Mattatoio, Rome; Press to Exit, Skopje; and Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg.

Screenings of their film/video work has included New Video, New Europe shown at the Tate Modern, London; Renaissance Society, Chicago; Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam; The Kitchen art gallery, New York. Also, the Festival of World Theatre, Zagreb; Human Rights Film Festival, Zagreb; Entermultimediale2, Prague; Pixxelpoint at Dom Kulture, Gorizia; 25th Festival Eksperimentalnog Filma i Videa, Zagreb; International Animation Festival in Zagreb, Hiroshima, and Utrecht; Zebra-Poetry Film Festival, Berlin; International Festival of Computer Arts, Maribor; and Architecture in Video, Florence.

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