R. Luke DuBois
SSB, 2008
Lesley Flanigan, soprano
Francis Scott Key, lyrics
John Stafford Smith, music
Generative quadrophonic sound
Computer, amplifier, 4 speakers, 4-channel audio interface
2,102,400 min, (4 years)
Edition of 6

listen to mp3 excerpt

SSB is a generative sound work that uses a recording of soprano Lesley Flanigan singing the American national anthem. The recording is then digitally stretched to last four years (the length of an American election cycle), providing a sonic ‘electoral clock’. The resulting sound, with its repetition, echo, and microtonal nuance, is reminiscent of an adhan, or Islamic call to prayer.

Programmed by R. Luke DuBois, this sound work is generative and runs on a computer. Each four-year playback is nuanced and unique.

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