R. Luke DuBois
Acceptance, 2012
Generative HD video (color, sound)
Dimensions variable, landscape orientation

Acceptance takes the acceptance speeches given by President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney at their respective party conventions in 2012, and subjects them to a never-ending editing process based on their language. The two monologues, each approximately 40 minutes long, contain around 1500 unique words, 85% of which overlap between the two speakers. The piece synchronizes, whenever possible, the two candidates’ language, so that they deliver each others’ speeches in synchronicity. The work regularly alternates between which candidate is the rhetorical leader, so that one video is always playing in a linear fashion while the other jumps around to match the other speaker’s vocabulary. This never-ending acceptance speech highlights both the similarities and differences in the speaking style, rhetoric, and body language of the two men vying to be elected President of the United States in 2012.
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