<em>A More Perfect Union </em>

R. Luke DuBois
A More Perfect Union: Kinky
A More Perfect Union: Shy
A More Perfect Union: Funny
A More Perfect Union: Lonely
, 2011
Pigment-ink on photo rag
18 x 24 in / 46 x 61 cm, each
Edition of 3

A More Perfect Union looks at American self-identity through the medium of online dating services. Culling data from over twenty online dating sites, the work is organized according to the same heuristics as the U.S. Census, sorting dating profiles by Congressional District and subjecting the imagery and text to statistical analysis.

In the series pictured above, maps of the entire country are colored in a ‘red-state/blue-state’ pattern, showing how different adjectives (such as ‘shy’ and ‘lonely’) are spread across the country among women and men.


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