<em>Keep on Smoking</em>

Michel de Broin
Keep on Smoking, 2005
Bicycle, generator, battery, analog gauge and smoke machine
39.37 x 33.46 x 23.62 in / 100 x 85 x 60 cm

“Keep on Smoking”, is an augmented bike inspired by the artist’s observation of a man smoking cigarettes while cycling. The bicycle transforms kinetic energy that is produced by its rider. Powered by a renewable source of energy, the cyclist’s will, a custom generator transforms this physical effort into electric current, which activates a smoke machine. In “Smoke”, a video that captures the sculpture’s surreal ride through an Estonian cemetery, a wispy trail of vapor is discharged from the exhaust, startling bystanders with its unexpected emissions and the contradiction in propulsion. The project is a marriage of two machines: one that produces, while the other consumes. Their “copulation” generates smoke, which escapes freely into the atmosphere.


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