<em>Urbanus Male Larva</em>

U-Ram Choe
Urbanus Male Larva, 2006
Scientific name: Anmopista Volaticus Floris Uram
Etched stainless steel, LED, circuits, motors, CPU board, custom software, cable
10 x 10 x 22 in / 25 x 25 x 57 cm
Edition of 10

According to United Research of Anima-Machines, this machine-organism has a system resembling that of plants, which photosynthesizes solar energy. Named “Urbanus”, this discovery is “a lover of the urban”. The female Urbanus, has a shape similar to that of a flower, and when releasing its incepted energy as light, it opens its leaf-like body parts. It emits light from the genitals also, from which a great number of electrically-charged particles are released. Male Urbanus, which prowls around the female waiting for the moment that light is released, also open their leaf-like body parts to receive the photons. Urbanus are thought to inhabit the airspace above the city (200M altitude), and therefore are often found at the upper floor of skyscrapers or on their roofs.
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