<em>Una Lumino</em>

U-Ram Choe
Una Lumino, 2008
Scientific name: Anmopispl avearium cirrpedia Uram
Metallic material, machinery, LED lamp, CPU board, monitor, plastic casting
15.5 ft high, 10 ft diameter / 4.7 m high, 3.1 m diameter
Edition of 3

According to a recent report from United Research of Anima Machine-U.R.A.M., a brand new species of mechanized sentient creatures have been discovered operating within communities.

Said to exhibit sophisticated and uniform behavioral patterns, this new species has been observed communicating actively with each other in colonies not unlike those of bees and ants. Communities of these species gather and collect to form a giant mass of pulsing, breathing light, where they exchange information concerning where to find urban energy, their main source of sustenance.

Despite the lack of a hierarchical system with a clear leader, they seem to operate through interactive communication. When they form a congregated mass they give off brilliant light that draws nearby larvae to swim in the air towards the mass to attach themselves to it.

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