<em>Nox Pennatus</em>

U-Ram Choe
Nox Pennatus, 2005
Scientific name: Anmorosta Balena Pennatus Uram
Stainless steel, brushed acrylic, circuits, motors, CPU board, custom software
24 x 39 x 22 in / 60 x 100 x 55 cm
Edition of 5

Installation view:
Crow Collection of Asian Art, Dallas

Nox Pennatus usually live in large cities or industrial areas. They inhale NOx (some type of nitrogen oxide) through the 12 inhalers on the side of their bodies and exhale oxygen in return. They are most active after midnight, which is when the atmosphere’s pollutants descend onto the surface of the earth, flying low diagonally over the ground. Often, one can find long traces of the Nox Pennatus’ low flight over the asphalt on the road.
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