<em>Echo Navigo (Adult)</em>

U-Ram Choe
Echo Navigo (Adult), 2004
Scientific Name: Anmorome Istiophorus platypterus Uram
Etched stainless steel, aluminum, painted fiberglass, circuits, motors, CPU board, custom software, cable
32 x 110 x 35 in / 81 x 280 x 90 cm
Edition of 5

The Echo Navigo lives near huge antenna in the city, and eats a variety of electric waves. Therefore, these electronic-beings have fins enabling them to fly through the flow of electric waves. During the daytime they can make their body transparent, and become nearly invisible.

These creatures were first found by a telephone engineer, who was trying to find the reason for the echo caused by the creature’s fast flight around radio antennae. The larvae of Echo Navigo were found nearby.


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