<em>Cakra 2552-a</em>

U-Ram Choe
Cakra 2552-a, 2008
Stainless steel, circuits, custom software, CPU board, motors
31.5 x 31.5 x 13.8 in / 80 x 80 x 35 cm
Edition of 6

Cakra, a Sanskrit term referring to a wheel or a cycle, symbolizes the continuous cycle of life and death. The formal structure of this piece takes inspiration from the Buddhist mandala, which represents wholeness, organization of life, and our relationship to the infinite universe itself. This is echoed in its mirror-like centre onto which the viewer is reflected. The latter part of the title, 2552, refers to the Buddhist Era; year 2008 marked the 2552nd anniversary of the birth of the Buddha.
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