<em>Photosynthetic Remembrance</em>

Daniel Canogar
Photosynthetic Remembrance, 2007
Steel structure, epoxy resin, light projector, fiber optic cables, 16 slides, 16 zoom attachments, standing fans and screen projector
Dimensions variable

Upon entering a darkened exhibition space, the viewer encounters fallen trees of approximately 375 cm in length. The trees appear to have been cut down, and lost all of their leaves. Metaphorically inverting the photosynthesis process, by which a tree absorbs light, in this case the tree emits light via de fiber optic cables. Hidden at the end of each branch is an optical attachment which hold a photographic slide. The slides, digitally altered images of green foliage, are projected onto lightweight screen that sways on currents of air produced by a fan. The movement of the screen causes the projections to distort and dynamically overlap each other, uncannily imitating the gentle movement of foliage affected by wind.
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