Daniel Canogar
Frequency, 2012
33 analog television screens, projector, multimedia hard drive
118.2 x 78.75 in / 300 x 200 cm
4 min 30 sec, loop
Edition of 3

The installation Frequency is a patchwork of 33 screens recovered from analog television sets. With the advent of digital television, these TV sets with cathode-ray tubes have been rendered obsolete and today pile up in junkyards and electronic recycling centers, where Canogar obtained them. He recovered the metal meshes within the old sets, and maps video to these objects, projecting precise images of white noise and test charts. The screens seem to have lost their ability to tune into their signal, unable to decipher an alien code whose meaning is perhaps forever lost.

The collage created by the screens reverts to hand-made textile techniques, a quilt-like assemblage created from discarded pieces. The installation crafts a visual analogy between traditional weaving techniques, and the line-by-line interlacing of the electronic image, both fundamental image-creating technologies that have shaped our vision of the world.



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