<em>Aphasic Mapping</em>

Daniel Canogar
Aphasic Mapping, 2014
From the series Small Data
Discarded keyboard parts, wood, projector, multimedia player
33.5 x 39.4 x 63 in / 85 x 100 x 160 cm
Edition of 3

Small Data is series of objects made from salvaged electronic devices: old cell phones, broken computer screens, printers, cracked hard discs. Overhead, precise projections are cast onto the devices, animating and seemingly giving new life to the abandoned technologies. Working like an archeologist, Canogar reclaims the discarded technologies from junkyards and recycling centers—veritable cemeteries for consumer electronics—and positions them in sculptural arrangements on shelves, as if they were fragile remnants of a bygone era.
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