<em>Summer Solstice : 24 Hour Film</em>

Jeffrey Blondes
Summer Solstice : 24 Hour Film, 2006
HD video, computer
24 hour, loop
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
Edition of 7

Summer Solstice was filmed between midnight of June 21 and midnight of June 22, 2006 at Tornehamn, Lake Torneträsk, Sweden near the Norwegian border, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

SIlent and meditative, the film confronts us with a fixed scene in nature – encouraging the viewer to register the subtle yet constantly evolving light and climactic shifts which transform the view. The experience is intensified during summer solstice, when 24 hour daylight illuminates what is habitually obscured under cover of night.

Keen observation heightens visual sensitivity and anticipation builds for the nuances of nature. A single day encapsulates the seasons of a year – a sunny midsummer’s afternoon shifts within minutes to wintry dawn; mist shrouding the lake lifts in seconds to reveal snow clinging to distant mountain peaks.

Assuming the focus and intensity of the artist’s regard, the viewer creates a personal narrative. For some, the film is a container of time in which each instant records the infinite subtleties of the landscape; for others witnessing the flow of time (through space) provokes an elastic reverie of dream and desire.

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