<em>Loch Shiel – 24 Hour Film</em>

Jeffrey Blondes
Loch Shiel – 24 Hour Film, 2016
HD video
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
24 hour, loop
Edition of 7

Filmed using two cameras mounted back-to-back, which rotate 180° over 12 hours between sunrise and sunset. Edited from three days of filming, to create a 24-hour, 360° view, which pans at the speed of earth’s rotation.

The location has special resonance for Blondes, who painted frequently around Kinlochmoidart in the Western Highlands of Scotland in the late 90’s. The film is shot at the mouth of Loch Shiel, close by Eilean Fhianain (St Finan’s Isle), where the Irish saint established his Scottish ministry in the 7th century. The island contains an ancient burial site, the ruins of a 14th-C chapel, a 10th-C bronze bell, and numerous celtic crosses. Blondes first visited Loch Shiel in 1999 while observing a full solar eclipse. He returned in May 2015 for another solar eclipse, and made subsequent trips in June and September, when light and weather finally cooperated, allowing him to capture the spirit of this isolated sanctuary.



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