<em>La Taille des Antes – 52 Weeks – 24 Hour Film</em>

Jeffrey Blondes
La Taille des Antes – 52 Weeks – 24 Hour Film, 2007
HD digital film, video (HDV 1080i), computer, and back up drive
24 hour, loop
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
Edition of 7

In a forest clearing, Jeffrey Blondes’ La Taille des Antes uses a mounted camera on a motorized turntable, recording one fluid 360-degree rotation over the course of a year in weekly segments of 27 minutes, 41 seconds and 13 frames each. The completed 24 hour loop reveals a slow evolution in real time, over four seasons, beginning and ending on the Winter Solstice, a romantic quote on the traditional schemes of landscape painting.


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