<em>Étang de Pezières II – 52 Hour Film</em>

Jeffrey Blondes
Étang de Pezières II – 52 Hour Film, 2011
HD video, computer
52 hour, loop
Dimensions variable, portrait orientation
Edition of 7

The setting of Étang de Pezières is Indre-et-Loire, France, at a pond that feeds the site of a former Catholic monastery, Chartreuse de Liget, founded by Henry Plantagenet (Henry II of England) to atone for the murder of Thomas Becket (St. Thomas of Canterbury). The wooded surroundings of this site contain a chapel that resonates with stillness – as well as the cyclical and constant progression of man through history and time. The skeletal trees, almost like a spider’s web, are ever-swaying but rooted and never-moving, fixed, staring.

This film contains 52 one hour segments that were shot weekly, based on lighting conditions chosen by the artist, in one fixed location. Over the course of a year, the camera’s focus pulls back and forth between activity on the pond and its wooded surroundings – capturing the progression of nature through the season such as rain, snow, the blossoming of leaves and sunset. Once the film arrives at summer and the trees are in full leaf, the focus is once again brought closer inside the woods.

Étang de Pezières is Blondes’ latest work and was created simultaneously to Length of Days, another piece set on the same pond but which holds a more calculated timing structure.

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